Auckland Seido Karate Club

Want to get fit? Learn to defend yourself? Make a positive change?

Join us for our free trial class offer, and experience the power of Seido for yourself.

Our current 50+ Masters Class Course is progressing well. Come along to the dojo on Saturday 20th April for their toughest test yet – their first grading. Osu.

Thanks to all the visitors who came to our stand at this recent event. Here is a selection of the photographs of the fun. Enjoy the photos.

Welcome to Auckland Seido Karate Club. We are a not-for-profit club with members ranging in age from five to 75. The club is run by volunteers and the classes are taught by experienced black belt instructors.

We seek to teach Seido Karate in a safe non-discriminatory environment and welcome anyone who wishes to give martial arts a go.

If you think it might be something for you or your family, I warmly invite you to come and give it a try. Come along to any of our scheduled beginner classes, introduce yourself to the instructor, and see how it goes. We have a free trial class offer with no obligation.

Jun Shihan Patrick – Head Instructor.

“Karate begins and ends with courtesy. This means respect others, refrain from violent behaviour, practice fairness in the spirit of good sportsmanship.” ― Takahashi Miyagi