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Website Special – New Members

Four free classes > Come give it a go!

It’s often difficult to decide whether or not you want to try something new! So claim this deal and have four free classes on us!

Then if you decide that you want to go for it, (and that will take you up to the next grading) it will include your grading fee and the patches for your new uniform (not the uniform though)

So what are you waiting for? give it a go now!

Simply mention the website deal when you come to any beginner class.

Click here to see our current timetable to check out when the next beginners class is!

You can start this package at any time… no need to wait till the beginning of a term or quarter.

More questions? See if it is answered below, or email us here, and we’ll be happy to help.

  • What do I wear?

    Tracksuit pants/shorts and a T shirt are fine to start.  Students may start (and are expected) to wear the traditional uniform (“gi”) after their first grading.  Please remove all jewellery (or taped over) before the class begins.  This is to avoid damaging them or causing any injury to anyone, especially when engaged in an activity with a partner. We recommend that you leave jewellery and valuables at home.

  • What facilities does the club dojo provide?

    The dojo has mens & womens changing rooms, toilets, and showers.

  • Can I leave the dojo floor during a class?

    If you wish to leave the class for any reason once the class has started, ask the class instructor for permission.  If you know you need to leave the class before it ends, inform the instructor at the beginning of the class so he/she can tell you to leave at a convenient moment.

  • How does the belt system work?

    There are 10 coloured belt (kyu) grades, being a standard and advanced kyu level in each of five colours.  Those colours start at white belt (10th kyu) and advanced white belt (9th kyu) through blue, yellow, green then brown belts. Advanced brown belt is called 1st kyu. The next step is first degree black belt (“Shodan”) which is graded by invitation only. It generally takes at least 5 years of regular training to grade to Shodan.

  • How often are the gradings held?

    There are four general gradings per year.  Each level has a prescribed syllabus to learn and it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they know their material before attempting a grading.  Students who train regularly (3+ times per week) tend to grade every 3-6 months for the first two years or so, then less frequently as the minimum grading requirements increase.  When you feel ready to grade, discuss this first with your class instructor before completing the application form.  It is important to remember that training at Seido Karate is not a race – everyone trains to their own ability and around their commitments.  Everyone’s “journey” is their own.

  • How many classes may I attend per week?

    You can train in as many classes (appropriate to your level) as you want during the week.  As a beginner, there are three classes available per week.

  • Are spectators allowed on the dojo floor?

    Yes, there are bench seats provided at the back of the dojo floor to sit on.  Please remove your shoes, hat and overcoat, and put cell phone on silent.  No food (including chewing gum and sweets) are to be eaten on the dojo floor.

  • How much does it cost?

    The first four classes are absolutely free. After that, you can purchase a beginner's package for $100 which takes you to your first grading. Here is the fees schedule to see what happens after that.

  • Where can I get more information?

    We have created a handy-dandy beginner's guide for you. Please download it, and peruse it at your leisure.

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