New Masters Class

New Masters Class

Do you remember watching the first Karate Kid movie in a real movie theatre, and thinking that looks cool? Fancy giving it a go?

That’s right, if you were born in or before 1973 (i.e., a minimum of fifty years old) then consider signing up to our exclusive new Masters class.

The September Masters Class is now full, proving that there is demand for this type of class.

We are planning another Master Class in the New Year. It is a beginner’s karate course aimed at introducing elders and betters to the better part of life that is karate. You read right, when you’re over 50 you’re ready to be a Master beginner. This is the way.

More details will follow closer to the New Year, based on what we learn from the September classes. In the meantime, send us an email to express your interest.

Are you ready to join Master Oogway? New Masters class starting soon!