Beginner Info

Technique rather than strength. Spirit rather than technique.”

We encourage students to build on their strengths, develop respect for others, and cultivate a strong spirit.

Welcome to the Auckland Seido Karate Club

We seek to offer a highly supportive and welcoming training space – whether you’re a beginner or a black belt. Based in Morningside, Auckland, we have our own dojo with a large training floor, locker rooms, and easy access parking.

We run a variety of daily classes to suit all ages and levels, including dedicated children’s programmes and general sessions suitable for adult beginners and families. Fun and participation is an important part of the Seido spirit and we run an annual camp, beach training class and demonstrations.

In choosing to train at Auckland Seido Karate, you’re also joining a wider community of karateka (karate students). There are currently 22 Seido Karate clubs around New Zealand, and many more throughout the world. Membership at Auckland Seido Karate Club entitles you to train at any one of the Seido Karate clubs around the world, where you will be warmly received as a member of a global family.

We also open our dojo to the below non-karate groups that share a cultural alliance and are available to club members at a discounted price:
•  Taiko (Japanese drumming)
•  Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship)
•  Shamisen (Japanese banjo)
•  Tai Chi

Beginner Classes For All

Our club welcomes men, women and children (from the age of five) of any age or ability.

Seido Karate seeks to provide a safe, supportive and disciplined environment. Through the practise of Karate-do, students are encouraged to extend themselves in a way that develops spirit, awareness and respect for oneself and others.

The structure of the beginner class allows you to ease into your training slowly and safely. It is not necessary that you have any previous karate experience or that you are in a particular physical condition.

You can progress at your own pace in a supportive environment and will not feel pressured if you need more time to develop, as every student is treated as an individual. Beginner classes focus on basic technique and with minimal contact activities.  Contact exercises are progressively introduced once students have gained an understanding of and confidence in the basic karate moves.

Our beginner classes are split into four age groups:

  • Brat Pack (5-6) – 1 class per week
  • Children (7-12) – 2 classes per week 
  • Adults (13+) – 2 classes per week
  • Family class (7+) – 1 class per week

Students are encouraged to attend at least two classes a week (except the Brat Back which is only run once a week) in order develop the skills needed to feel a sense of progress.

For adults (13+) the first four classes are free, no obligation.  Just turn up at any one of the beginner classes, introduce yourself to the instructor, and give it a try.  Loose fitting clothing is fine.  New students can start at any time.  No need to book, just turn up.

For children (5-12) we only accept new members at the beginning of each new term.  Prospective members are welcome to come and view a class any time and may try a free class in first week of the new term.

Please see our timetable for the times of our beginners’ classes and check out our beginners’ guide.